‘All the world’s a stage’, Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It. We are all connected to and belong to this ‘globe’; thrust upon it, no matter where we’re from, no matter what our religion, faith or ideology. To share in something beautiful often inspires and illuminates the mind and spirit. I first discovered Shakespeare during my twenties – rather late for the introduction of such a rich language – yet a new world opened up for me, enabling me to discover and experience not only new feelings and emotions that were previously unknown to me, but also a world of literary revelations. I have since continued my endless and fascinating journey through the literary and creative world. But it was from that moment, some twenty years ago, that I dreamed of bringing my experience of Shakespeare to everyone.

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Michael Stewart’s Millennium Shakespeare is in this grand tradition, designed to attract young readers, not only by introducing them to the heightened language of Shakespeare, but also by encouraging their imagination with splendid visual representations of the subject matter. However, unlike Tales from Shakespeare and most of the successive volumes designed to introduce children to the works of England’s greatest poet, Millennium Shakespeare presents comprehensive narrative treatment of the entire Shakespeare canon.
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